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Company Information

picture  YOX-Project creates computer software such as game and business applications.
 We have created software based on our coherent company principles and have sought professional quality since we started our business.

 * 07/06/2023


Corporate mission

1. We render creation of activities which satisfies all our clients and meet their needs
  We seek not only to make profit but also to meet our customer's
  satisfaction by providing them with our fine products, which are
  made in an environment where our staffs can fully demonstrate their skills and talent.

2. We appreciate corporation responsibility
  We don’t only think about ourselves, we think a great deal of corporation responsibility.
  Thus, we consider our customer's benefits in order to profit mutually.

3. We don't borrow money
  We don't overstretch ourselves.
  We try our best as much as we can do.

4. We continue to be creators all the time
  We are neither an intermediary exploitative company or a subcontractor.
  We will continue to provide our clients with products and services that are driven by originality.

5. We contribute to the public
  We will not neglect further research and development to discover new technologies.
  We will contribute to society by sharing spin-offs from our R&D activities.


Company's profile


Representative director : Yutaka Okajima
  >> Profile [Japanese]

Establishment :
  (We currently work freelance. We haven't decided when to incorporate our business.)
Address of our head office : (Map)
  2-33-15 Ikebukuro-Honcho,
  Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 170-0011 JAPAN

Capital : 10 million yen (capital adequacy ratio 100%)


The company history

08.2022 : Contracted exclusive distribution rights of "Chronicles of Refugia".
05.2016 : Contracted exclusive distribution rights of "Sorcerer's Dream".
12.2015 : Contracted exclusive distribution rights of "Star's Peaces".
12.2014 : Released "Himegimi Detective".
12.2013 : Contracted exclusive distribution rights of "BAD END: If you play, you'll die?".
12.2012 : Released "Picture Viewer PV64".
02.2012 : Released "ADV+++ | iOS".
11.2009 : Released "Rhythm Stage".
09.2007 : Released "ADV+++ | HD".
07.2007 : Released "ADV+++" Series 2. Started to run the website of YOXO (YOX-Online).
05.2007 : Released an English version of "Picture Viewer PV32".
05.2006 : Changed the product name from "YOX-ADV" to "ADV+++".
08.2005 : Started creative activities as an unit of creators.
04.2003 : Released "YOX-ADV" and "Picture Viewer PV32".
01.2002 : Started independent creative activities.
                Conducted research and development, mainly in the technical area where I was personally interested.