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Why 'Picture Viewer PV64' was created?

Several years have passed since the Alpha channel method is available to make the transparency of image file instead of Color-key method, as for the creation of digital contents like as the computer game development.
There are many software programs include the feature for Alpha channel editing actually.
However, we had felt there is no program including "easy-to-use" preview of Alpha channel.
This is the reason why we started to develop a 'Picture Viewer PV64' program by ourselves.
And, we added several helpful and useful features imagined for the Digital Imaging.
As a result, the 'Picture Viewer PV64' was formed to current style.

The difficulty

Creators have been careful with the 'Fast response' for the 'Picture Viewer PV64'.
Generally, the program gets running slower per addition of new features.
We had tried to optimize the code to keep program's fast running.
As a result, we have succeeded in keeping fast running same as previous version.

Useful Tips

We recommend you configure image formats for associating to 'Picture Viewer PV64' in Windows Explorer.
If file-folder containing current image contains multiple images,
previous/next image will be opened by press 'Space'/'BackSpace' either or by Mouse-wheel scroller.
The "easy-to-use", this is one of characteristic of 'Picture Viewer PV64'.


As for 'Picture Viewer PV64', we intend to brush up basic features for a while mainly.
We wish to release works which come up to your expectations,
...and we wish you are satisfied with our works.

07/06/2007 : Yutaka Okajima (YOX-Project)



Programming : YOX-Project
Translation (English) : Legionnaire=M=